Jenny Maroc


Jennifer Reynolds

Art is a huge passion in my life. As an architectural artist and director of The Art Club in Edinburgh, I enjoy producing my own work alongside teaching others how to tap into their creative abilities. Making the connection between ideas and how these can produce beautiful creations inspires me to seek what is achievable in myself and guide those that I teach to produce results. By exploring possibilities through a wide range of media, from charcoal and pastels to oil paint and watercolour, we are able to record a treasured memory on paper or canvas in a way that can carry so much more meaning than a simple snapshot. With a little encouragement we can all find ways to express the artist within.

The Art Club has been established for seventeen years and continues to provide quality artistic guidance and inspiration for both children and adults in the city of Edinburgh. Many Art Club students have gone on to pursue successful careers in art, architecture and fashion design.

I am now able to offer residential art courses in places that have inspired me the most; both Morocco and France. I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to base my French art courses from Chateau de Brametourte in Lautrec, Midi- Pyrenees, an area connected to Henri Toulouse- Lautrec. The Chateau itself is connected to the family of Toulouse-Lautrec himself and is an inspiring venue, nestled in the hillside and surrounded by sunflower fields the Chateau is within walking distance of ¬†the stunning medieval village of Lautrec with it’s ancient, medieval architecture and gourmet restaurants .

The ¬†Moroccan art courses are based in Essaouira, a beautiful and ancient, fortified port on the Moroccan coast. An artist’s paradise, Essaouira has also been chosen for it’s breathtaking beauty by many film makers and musicians as well as artists. Orson Welles filmed Othello on the ramparts and Ridley Scott chose the impressive Skala at the harbour as the set for Kingdom of Heaven. A perfect venue for inspiring the artistic heart.

Both venues are within easy reach of major airports and have been chosen for their outstanding beauty, providing inspiration for the every level of artist from beginner to advanced. The Adventure of Art will encourage your creativity whilst providing every support along the way.